Welcome to the Bürkert Virtual Exhibition stand…

Here you can browse products and applications from Bürkert UK at our virtual exhibition stand. Designed to bridge the gap between events, rather than replace the ‘live’ experience, this stand contains videos featuring our product experts, so you can catch-up with the latest product developments whenever it suits you.

“We needed a method of giving people fast access to our latest products, while maintaining some of the face-to-face nature of sales that is essential in the B2B world.”

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems offers over 100,000 individual fluid power and control products and options, so the catalogue serves the best purpose for looking up items you know you want using the product categories. However, when you just need an update on what’s new, what better place than an exhibition booth, manned by our product experts that stays available 24/7?

We see this as adding to the traditional exhibition experience, not replacing it. The research process is changing and the issues of conventional exhibitions remain, so an interactive online resource that offers a similar experience in-between shows, with having to leave your workplace to visit should prove very useful.

In addition to watching the movies and reading the product descriptions, visitors can download a wide range of product literature from the site as well as making direct enquiries for more information.

Products featured on the site include stainless bodied Element valves and sensors for clean process environments, an Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for accurate low volume flow measurement, the mxCONTROL dosing controller offering distributed control, Robolux valves and AirLine valve islands.

Virtual Water Treatment Works

For the latest water industry products and applications you can also visit our water treatment works online. Click on the image to enter the interactive virtual site for product application information, downloads and video.

The online platform allows you to click on different areas of the water treatment facility, which includes clean water and waste water processing, anaerobic digestion and power generation.