Gas control for metal surface treatments
In recent years there has been significant growth in the use and diversity of different techniques for metal surface treatment
Measuring pH in a food-safe environment
Food processing covers a wide range of activities all of which require both food safety and quality standards to be met to ensure that consu...
Process control design – Don’t let ATEX restrict your plans
Manufacturers have developed a huge range of products and systems that can be combined and integrated to produce bespoke process control sys...
Bürkert application segmentation has one simple essence; to connect to you to deliver optimised fluid control solutions.
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process control and measuring equipment has developed a concept o...

Product datasheets and brochures are available for download below.

The 3D animated pdf files require the following settings before they can be viewed. These require as a minimum Adobe Reader version 8. Necessary steps in settings for Adobe Reader:

  • "Edit"
  • "Preferences"
  • "3D & Multimedia"
  • "Enable hardeware rendering for legacy video cards" (do not set)
  • "Preference Renderer" (either DirectX 9 or nothing)
  • "Framerate Threshold" (reduce e.g. 3)
  • "OK"
Product Model Brochures
 TitleDescriptionSize (Kb) 
Flow Sensor 8081Flow sensor for water continuous measurement689.42Download
LiquidFLOW Controller 87193D animated pdf for LiquidFLOW Controller (LFC) type 87192,282.08Download
mxControl 8620 Multi-Purpose process and water chemistry controller723.38Download
Robolux Valves3D animated pdf of Robolux multiway/multiport valves4,553.31Download
Robolux ValvesRobolux Valves - Developed for more compact process design1,017.78Download
Product Overview Brochures
 TitleDescriptionSize (Kb) 
01 Solenoid ValvesSolenoid Valves product overview brochure2,238.52Download
02 Process & Control ValvesProcess & Control Valves product overview brochure 2,806.13Download
03 Pneumatics & Process InterfacesPneumatics & Process Interfaces product overview brochure5,022.34Download
05 MicroFluidicsMicroFluidics product overview brochure1,160.09Download
06 MFCsMFC product overview brochure1,656.14Download
07 Solenoid Control ValvesSolenoid Control Valves product overview brochure1,680.31Download
Industry Segment Brochures
 TitleDescriptionSize (Kb) 
SteamSteam segment brochure 1,797.23Download
Gas HandlingGas Handling Brochure segment brochure2,263.05Download
MicroFluidicsMicroFluidics segment brochure1,922.99Download
Water Treatment Water Treatment segment brochure1,827.37Download
Hygienic ProcessingHygienic Processing segment brochure1,740.90Download
Cooling Systems Cooling Systems segment brochure1,618.73Download
Cooling TowersCooling Towers segment brochure668.43Download
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